Shocks & Sanitizers
rendezvous broma-start

Pre-measured sodium bromide creates an initial bromide reserve in spa water. Use Broma-Start when first filling the spa and then maintain sanitation with Brominating Tablets.

Useful Tips

  • Eliminates chlorine odors
  • This product should be used during the start-up process

Available Size: 2 oz. pouch

rendezvous brom tabs
Brominating Tablets

These tablets are a concentrated source of active bromine and dissolve slowly and evenly in spa feeders and floaters to provide continuous disinfection. Doesnʼt reduce pH or affect calcium hardness.

Useful Tips

  • Easy to dose tablets
  • Compatible with bromine sanitizing systems

Available Sizes: 1.5 lbs.

rendezvous enhance bromide salt solution
Enhance® Bromide Salt Solution

Enhance® bromide salt solution contains premixed liquid bromide salts that releases bromine when Activate is added. This product has no disinfectant properties and it is only when Activate is added that bromine is released in water containing this product.

Useful Tips

  • This product should be added when the spa/hot tub is filled and weekly thereafter to maintain a bank of bromine in the water.
  • Compatible with bromine sanitizing systems

Available Size: 32 fl. oz.

rendezvous activate

A powerful oxidizer, this product "activates" Enhance® bromide salt solution into a bromine sanitizer and works as a shock oxidizer to destroy organic contaminants such as cosmetics, perspiration and body oils. Can be used with chlorine, bromine or other sanitizers, or as part of the Activate/Enhance® System.

Useful Tips

  • Clears cloudy water and eliminates odors and contaminants
  • Compatible with chlorine, bromine, ozone and mineral purification systems

Available Sizes: 2.2 lbs. / 5 lbs.

rendezvous sani-spa
Sani-Spa Chlorinating Granular

A concentrated and stabilized granular chlorine specifically developed for disinfecting spa water.

Useful Tips

  • Maintains clean, clear, sanitized water
  • Compatible with chlorine sanitizing systems

Available Sizes: 1.75 lbs. / 4.5 lbs.