California Cleaning Product Right to Know Act

Product(s) listed below are defined under the California Cleaning Product Right to Know Act of 2017:

Product Name Product Ingredients Chemical Abstract Service (CAS) number Ingredient Function Fragrance ingredient(s) included on a designated list  Frangrance allergens included on Annex III of the EU Cosmetics Regulation No 1223 / 2009 SDS Links to Designated Lists
Rendézvous® Spa Specialtie® PROTECT PLUS 
Water 7757-83-7 Dilutant


N/A RendezvousSpa Specialties Protect Plus SDS (PDF) N/A
Trisodium (2-hydroxyethyl)ethylenediaminetriacetate 139-89-9 Chelant

Citric Acid

 77-92-3 Chelant
Polydiallyldimethylammonium chloride  26062-79-3 Flocculant
Sodium carbonate  497-19-8  pH Adjuster
Potassium sorbate 24634-61-5 Preservative
Rendézvous® Spa Specialtie® Jet Blaster Water 7732-18-5 Dilutant N/A N/A
RendezvousSpa Specialtie Jet Blaster SDS (PDF)


Dipropylene glycol monomethyl ether
Ethoxylated propoxylated C8-C10 alcohols
68603-25-8 Surfactant
Sodium xylenesulfonate 1300-72-7 Surfactant
Trisodium (2-hydroxyethyl)ethylenediaminetriacetate 139-89-9 Chelant
Fragrance Plumeria 18957P
not available Fragrance Ingredient
Rendézvous® Spa Specialtie® Natural Clear® enzyme clarifier Water 7732-18-5 Dilutant N/A Linalool; 4-(4-hydroxy-4-methylpentyl)cyclohex-3-enecarbaldehyde; benzyl benzoate; alpha-Hexylcinnamaldehyde

Rendezvous Spa Specialtie Natural Clear Enzyme Clarifier SDS (PDF)

Fragrance Allergen Link
Triacylgylcerol lipase 9001-65-1 Enzyme
Branched octylphenol polyethylene glycol polypropylene glycol mono ether
70955-69-0 Surfactant
Benzisothiazolinone 2634-33-5 Preservative
Fragrance Floral Green not available Fragrance Ingredient
Subtilisin 9014-01-1 Enzyme
alpha-Amylase 9000-90-2 Enzyme