Rendézvous™ Spa Specialties™

From sanitizers to balancers and algaecides, the Rendézvous™ Spa Specialties™ line of products offers everything you need to keep your spa clean and inviting. Designed with the consumer in mind, Rendézvous™ Spa Specialties™ features color categorization for quick and easy product identification. Rendézvous™ Spa Specialties™ offers high quality, easy-to-use products that will help take the hassle out of maintaining a spa so you can truly enjoy your investment.

Deluxe Spa Care Kit - Available in Chlorine or Bromine
This complete spa start-up system contains everything needed to open a spa.

The chlorine kit contains convenient 8 oz. bottles of the following products: Rendézvous™ Spa Specialties™ Sani-Spa Chlorinating Granular , Spa Clarifier to clear cloudy water, Foam Out to de-foam, Protect Plus sequestering agent, pH Up and pH Down water balancers, Activate non-chlorine shock oxidizer, Natural Clear™ enzyme cleaner, 4-Way Test Strips and a spa care guide to fully educate the new spa owner.

The bromine kit contains Broma-Start 2oz., Brominating Tablets 3 oz., Spa Clarifier 8 oz., Foam Out 8 oz., Protect Plus 8 oz., pH Up 8 oz. and pH Down 8 oz., Activate non-chlorine shock oxidizer 8 oz., Natural Clear™ enzyme cleaner 8oz., 4-Way Test Strips and a spa care guide.
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